About the program

​Welcome to Localiza Loyalty!

Enjoy the benefits of our new relationship program. To start with, register here and visit our website always with your login and password to make reservations, edit your profile, query and redeem your points, and check out our exclusive offers.

Localiza Loyalty is the recognition of whom we value the most: you. And the more we are together, on your travels and in your daily life, the more comfort and benefits we can offer you. Learn about the categories and benefits of the program, as well as how to accumulate and redeem points. It’s simple and quick. It’s for you!

How to earn points

Whenever you rent a car at Localiza, you accumulate Loyalty Points. It’s the same in any branch office across Latin America: you rent a car, you earn points. You can also earn Promotional Points with exclusive offers from Localiza Loyalty.  And when you get a category upgrade, you also earn Bonus Points that bring you even more benefits.

Points table
Rental amount required to earn 1 Point in each country where Localiza operates: Click here

How to redeen points

​The redemption is possible at any time and place respecting availability of the fleet. You do not have to early identify the lease payment with points. You only need to inform that you would like to pay with points Localiza at the time of car pick up in the agency. Each car group will have a specific amount of points needed for the rescue, which includes Daily car + insurance (third party and car) + fee. Click here to check.

Rent a car at any agency - accumulate points Localiza Loyalty - trade your points for daily and enjoy its benefits.